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CG id: ArrayCG5197
Affymetrix gene: CG5197
Affymetrix probe id: 1633546_at

Gene expression levels

phase mitosis meiosis post-meiosis
value 1 5.92 6.34 6.17
value 2 5.94 6.04 6.53
value 3 5.89 5.98 6.32
average 5.92 6.12 6.34
Values 1-3 correspond to the expression intensity (log transformed) obtained from Microarray hybridization of three different biological replicates of each spermatogenic phase. Averages values correspond to the arithmetic average within replicates for each spermatogenic phase.
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Comparison of expression levels

phase mitosis meiosis post-meiosis
mitosis - Equal Equal
meiosis - - Equal
post-meiosis - - -
The classifications in this table (Equal, Over or Under) were obtained by our Bayesian Statistical Model (Methods). Each classification is given to a pair-wise comparison between two spermatogenic phases. For example, "Over" mitotic vs. meiotic classification means that, for this gene, the mitotic expression is significantly higher than the meiotic expression.